Whether civil or criminal, private practicing attorney's, our comprehensive postmortem services have been proudly sought after by the legal community for nearly twenty-five years.

We know that you and your client only have “one” opportunity to find potentially pivotal pieces of evidence, before the process of embalming, burial, and/or cemation begin. To insure a thorough and expedient autopsy, choosing the right company is imperative. Our desire has always been to offer a private, professional, and objective alternative to turn to “when nothing but excellence will do”.

Medicolegal Services

  • Private Autopsy
  • Toxicology Analysis
  • Forensic/Medical Photography
  • Forensic Autopsy
  • Postmortem Neurological Diagnosis
  • 2nd opinion Autopsy/Re-Autopsy
  • Postmortem DNA procurement and screening
  • Exhumation/Disinterment Autopsy
  • Postmortem Mesothelioma (Asbestos) procurement and analysis
  • Postmortem Sperm Collection

Our Pathologists

  • Licensed by the state Medical Board
  • Are insured for Medical Malpractice Insurance
  • Are always assisted by a trained Autopsy Technician
  • Are available for testimony and deposition should the need arise

Autopsy Standards

  • Preliminary Anatomic Diagnosis available within 48 hours of procedure
  • Preliminary (unofficial) Anatomic Diagnosis (PAD) available within 24-48 hours from day of procedure
  • Complete photographic documentation is included
  • Body fluids are routinely drawn and refrigerated for approximately four weeks for possible toxicological analysis