History & tradition continue to bring our businesses together for the sole purpose of serving your families. Our vast experience in the death care industry has taught us about the “unspoken burden” placed upon you and the importance of due diligence. For this reason, we developed the model that set the standards and cultivated a proven reputation of customer service for which all imitators follow.


  • Before Autopsy…
    • Our coordinator addresses the concerns of each family to determine if an autopsy is necessary
    • Patient medical history is relayed to appropriatly assigned pathologist
    • Our Pathologist contacts family to discuss further details and answer any remaining questions
    • Our consent form is faxed or e-mailed for next-of-kin signature approval
  • During Autopsy…
    • Pathologist and an autopsy technician are present and on-site at all times
    • Photographic documentation is taken at doctor's discretion
    • Body fluids are drawn for possible toxicological analysis
    • Tissue samples are collected for microscopic studies
    • Will not interfere with the embalming process
  • After Autopsy…
    • Pathologist shares gross preliminary findings with family
    • Comprehensive written autopsy report along with microscopic examination will follow within approximately eight weeks.
    • Reports, microscopic slides, and histology blocks are archived for two years
  • Our Doctors…
    • Licensed by the state Medical Board
    • Are insured for Medical Malpractice Insurance
    • Are available for testimony and deposition should the need arise
  • Our Technicians…
    • Are under the direct supervision of a pathologist
    • Adhere to Universal Precautions and hospital/mortuary decorum
    • Leave your facility insuring established levels of sanitation, safety in compliance with OSHA standards
  • Our Company
    • Is fully covered by general liability and worker's compensation insurance
    • Trusted by families, hospitals, funeral homes, & the legal community for nearly 25 years
    • Available 24 hours a day 7 days a week
    • Founded in 1988
    • Family owned and operated

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